Thursday, July 19, 2012

Japanese Bikini Trends For Summer!

Hey guys sorry i haven't been posting but i have new Gyaru (Japanese fashion) Trends for summer!!! 

It’s the perfect time to discuss bathing suit trends in gyaru. Specifically bikinis (ビキニ)because most Japanese swimwear companies do 99% bikinis and a tankini or so. Don’t expect one-pieces from these brands! However if you’re a onepiece lover you can still take these trends and transfer them over to that style.
The four big trends to talk about with Japanese Swimwear especially gyaru swimwear are: paisley/ethnic, ruffles, floral and adult monotone.

                         Another trend for summer is BRIGHT makeup

So many styles to choose from! Paisley is the biggest trend by far.
I usually end up going with a floral, but the adult monotone styles are really stylish and flattering, especially the Lip Service one.  :heartcat:
The two big swimwear companies are Peak & Pine (ピークアンドパイン) which has pop-up shops in all the gyaru malls right now (Nagoya Marui, Osaka OPA, Kagoshima OPA) also a permanent store in Shibuya 109 and Rienda Suelta (リエンダ・スエルタ), Rienda’s lingerie brand with a full catalog of swimwear.
Check out both their catalogs
Peak and Pine: website
Rienda Suelta: website

Thanks for Reading!! <3

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